Building the future is our responsibility

Future Wheel is a consultancy agency for workplaces looking for new opportunities in innovation, problem solving and change management through supporting career path selection of young people, connecting family and workplace by value-based work methods.

The mission of Future Wheel is to develop today’s young people and all future-builders working in the production or service industry to enable them to:

  • be more flexible in problem solving and changes in life
  • develop their abilities to challenge the status quo
  • embrace continuous thinking and innovation in their life
  • execute and follow up everyday changes in their private and working lives

Based on my experience in organisation re-structuring, process improvement, new product/system/process implementation, improvement or education, to define changes or solving problems, it is not enough to be an expert in the profession, but additional knowledge, methodologies and views are also useful which help to:

  • summarise and structure the current knowledge
  • give a different perspective about current practice
  • challenge the status quo
  • think outside the box

I believe that knowing and using these methodologies help a lot and if we are viewing the current situation from a different perspective, everything will be much easier both in the work and the personal environment.

Future Wheel’s programs and methodologies are built on these specific problem solving and innovative tools.

Future Wheel - Innovative excursion with external observers

The importance of developing today's young people

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Future Wheel - Innovative excursion with internal observers

Developing your company and employees together

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Future Wheel - The workplace, as children see it

The importance of families in employees' lives

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Future Wheel - Change management consultancy

Change management as a fundamental value

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